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Kinahan’s Blended Irish Whiskey

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Kinahan’s Blended Irish Whiskey

This blended Irish whiskey is carefully matured in the finest oak casks for a minimum of 6 years before being skillfully blended to deliver the smooth taste profile that is unique to a Forgotten Irish Whiskey of 'L.L.' flavor. Exactly like 200 years ago, Kinahans L.L. whiskey is still matured only in the finest handpicked oak casks. The aged whiskey is still carefully sampled cask by cask to select only the whiskey, which overlays unusually mellow, rich and full flavored character.

Tasting Notes

The aroma is very much in the sweet camp with vanilla, marshmallow, and maple syrup notes, but you'll also find breakfast cereal flakes and a little sweet tobacco. The sweetness isn't enough to cushion the mid-palate as the whiskey isn't rich enough to prevent the heat of the alcohol coming through. This does help to provide a dry finish that is not unpleasant.

Proof 92 (46% ABV)