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Westland American Single Malt Whiskey

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Westland American Single Malt Whiskey

Founded in 2010 in Seattle, WA, Westland Distillery mashes, distills, matures and bottles American Single Malt Whiskey in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Situated in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle, Westland’s 13,000 square foot distillery boasts a 5,000 mash-house, five 10,000 liter fermenters and two copper pot stills. It’s here where Westland’s Master Distiller Matt Hofmann crafts the distillery’s core American Single Malt Whiskey. Like single malt Scotch, American single malt whiskey is made using a malted barley made at a single distillery. American single malt whiskeys, however, are less regulated, allowing more room for experimentation.

Westland American Single Malt Whiskey is made from five exceptional roasted and kilned barley malts the base of which is pale malt grown right in the state of Washington. Drawing inspiration from the rich brewing culture of the Pacific Northwest, several specialty malts (Munich Malt, Extra Special Malt, Pale Chocolate Malt and Brown Malt) are then added before the resulting mash is fermented with a Belgian brewer’s yeast for 144 hours. Then, the whiskey is distilled through Westland’s copper-pot stills and aged in new American Oak casks — half of which have a #3 char and the other half of which have a #4 char — for a minimum of 24 months.

Tasting Notes

Aroma of cherries, almonds and graham crackers, which leads to a rich palate filled with vanilla, coconut and creme brulee. Finishes with more nutty chocolate, coffee, shortbread cookies and pine.

Proof 92 (46% ABV)