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Vim & Petal Gin


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A unique union of the culinary and distilling worlds, this American style dry gin bursts forth with a pioneering robustness, then falls quietly like the soft red winter wheat at its base.  Each full-bodied flavor and enticing note of Vim & Petal brings to life 18 botanicals and the delicate tension between them… to give you character, dimension and a refined versatility.

VIM & PETAL speaks with confidence, but knows when to whisper.

softly sweet / aromas of citrus, spice, and saffron / light-to-medium body / prominent notes of elderberry and fresh juniper balanced with rare teas, seeds, roots and exotic spices / finishes clean with floral notes of Sichuan peppercorn and Indonesian cinnamon spice

Originally distilled dry gin, small batch, all natural.  42% alcohol by volume (84 proof).