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Tincup Whiskey

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Tincup Whiskey

TINCUP is a blend of two great American whiskeys, each aged in #3 charred oak barrels. “High rye” bourbon, distilled and aged in Indiana, is blended with a small amount of Colorado single malt whiskey. These whiskeys are then cut with Rocky Mountain water. TINCUP is named for the Colorado mining pioneers and the tin cups from which they drank their whiskey.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Light caramel

Nose: A nice caramel moves out first and is soon accompanied by some light nondescript spice, rye, a light touch of wood, green apples and a touch of dill. There is a sprinkling of cinnamon and a dusty sweetness that reminds me of Sweet Tarts and Pixie Stix.

Palate: Initially it has a sweet graininess to it that gives way to cherries, rye, citrus and a bit of dill. That same nondescript spice from the nose moves effortlessly across the palate but instead of a sweetness, it’s accompanied by a soft minerality that rolls through at the end.

Finish: Caramel, rye, chalky minerality and a touch of wood ease out on a medium finish.

Proof 84 (42% ABV)