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St. George Terroir Gin

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St. George Terroir Gin

"A sense of place". That's what terroir means essentially. And it's exactly what St. George Terroir Gin delivers! It's like taking a brisk walk through a beautiful California forest after a soft rain. On the nose, notes of Douglas fir, bay laurel, sage, and lavender shine through. There's even this beautiful, unexpected note of homemade cola as it evolves in the glass. The palate brings the Douglas fir and juniper intermingling with bright notes of citrus, warming cinnamon, sage, cardamom, and other spices. This is by far one of my favorite gins. It is assertive in a cocktail and perfect for any fall/winter creations. A must for any gin lover!

Tasting Notes

Nose: You're out in nature. In a forest to be precise, surrounded by Douglas firs and woodsy herbal aromas.

Palate: Fresh, with more fir, pine and bay laurel alongside the coastal sage. Well-structured and moreish.

Finish: Evocative and very long with citrus and lingering herbaceous notes.

Proof 90 (45% ABV)