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Parce 8 Year Straight Colombian Rum

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Parce 8 Year Straight Colombian Rum

Parce 8 Year Old Straight Colombian Rum is crafted from sugar cane carefully selected from both local (San Cristobal) and foreign (Barbados, Trinidad) sources, all of which is harvested manually every season. Under the guidance of master blenders Arthur and Brojen Fenandes Domecq, the sugar cane is processed and then fermented with natural spring water and homegrown yeast for 36 to 48 hours. Once fermented into “cane wine,” the resulting spirit is distilled through a stainless steel, 4-column still — each still produces a slightly different unaged spirit for use in the final aging and blending process. The spirit is then transferred to spent, charred American oak casks where it is aged for eight years before being bottled in the lush Andean mountains of Quindío, Colombia.

Tasting Notes

Parce 8 Year Old Straight Colombian Rum has an exquisite aroma of cherries and candied fruit, which leads to a playful palate filled with light vanilla sweetness along with notes of almonds and toasted coconut. The finish is accented by a subtle oakiness and more hints of cherries, dark chocolate, whipped cream and baking spices.

Proof 80 (40% ABV)