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KinnicKinnic Whiskey

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KinnicKinnic Whiskey

KinnicKinnic Whiskey is a blend of four-year old straight bourbon sourced from one of Kentucky's most prestigious distilleries, and a malt whiskey produced by Great Lakes Distillery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After sourcing the Kentucky bourbon, Guy Rehorst (Great Lakes' founder) and Doug MacKenzie (Great Lakes' master distiller) experimented with a number of different types of mashbills, including corn and rye, before perfecting the recipe of KinnicKinnic Whiskey using a malt made from four barleys.

"We were very excited because the Kentucky straight bourbon was excellent in and of itself, but we were able to make it even better," Rehorst says. After mixing the bourbon and malt whiskey — no neutral grain spirit is used in the production of KinnicKinnic Whiskey — the whiskey is bottled at 86 proof without any filtration in order to ensure the flavors of the malt and bourbon are unvarnished.

Tasting Notes

KinnicKinnic Whiskey has a nose that is slightly hot and which contains hints of pears, cracked black pepper and dry, toasty oak. The initial heat from the whiskey gives way to flavors of nuts and buttery bread with an enlivening cinnamon spice. The finish has notes of cereal and barley, which accompany a spicy bite.

Proof 86 (43% ABV)