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Iron Smoke Apple Wood Smoked Whiskey

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Iron Smoke Apple Wood Smoked Whiskey

Iron Smoke is a partnership between rocker Tommy Brunett and distiller Drew Wescott, based in Fairport, New York. Brunett sought to amplify the flavor of the whiskey by smoking the grains - corn, rye, wheat and already smoked barley - over applewood prior to the milling and mashing process. The whiskey is aged in new, triple-charred American oak and brought to proof with local spring water.

Tasting Notes

It's smoky alright! The flavors are quite bacony, though it's a little tough to taste much else. It's a bit like toasty breakfast multigrain-cereal mixed with slabs of bacon, dried apples, and good measures of maple syrup. The finish is all heat, both from the smoke and the peppery spice that hits the throat and burns its way down the gullet.

Proof 80 (40% ABV)