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High West Barreled Boulevardier

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High West Barreled Boulevardier

High West Distillery's The Barreled Boulevardier is named after the eponymous cocktail invented by Erskine Gwynne. During Prohibition, Gwynne moved to Paris and began writing a monthly publication called The Boulevardier, which catered toward expatriates and was patterned after The New Yorker. The magazine's contributors included literary notables such as Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Wolfe, and Sinclair Lewis, and included full-page cocktail recipes in the back. "Gwynne made his cocktail with one-part Campari, one-part Italian vermouth, and one-part bourbon," says Perkins. "Ours is a little more whiskey-forward."

High West's The Barreled Boulevardier is made from a marriage of six-year old bourbon, Vya Sweet Vermouth and Gran Classico, a bitter amaro from Switzerland. Once the ingredients have been blended together, they are aged in a barrel for approximately four months. "The barrel aging adds a rich mouth feel and mellows the ingredients," says Perkins.

Tasting Notes

Herbal aroma, with notes of dried cherries, sweet fruits, cinnamon, oak and roasted nuts that lead to a mellow finish with a touch of bitters.

Proof 72 (36% ABV)