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George Dickel Superior No. 8 Whisky

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George Dickel Superior No. 8 Whisky

The 'other' Tennessee whiskey, George Dickel's small scale means it lives in the shadow of the Jack Daniel's colossus. This is unfair, as it is a great whiskey in its own right.

Tasting Notes

Honey yellow

Nose: Green apples, honey, cinnamon, caramel and corn dance out of the glass. Light notes of orchard fruit, sawdust, char and an almost herbal spice make an appearance but don’t make a fuss. It’s a clean crisp nose that has a decent amount of depth to it.

Palate: More honey, apples and corn along with some apricots and a bit of rye like spice keeping them company. Appearing in fits and spurts are notes of caramel, wood and a deeper pine/mint hybrid that is rather intriguing.

Finish: Medium with notes of caramel, honey, spice and a touch of wood and mint.

Proof 80 (40% ABV)