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Fenimore Gin

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Fenimore Gin

The Fenimore Gin is named after the prolific 19th century American writer, James Fenimore Cooper, and features the flavor of native New York State lilac. Fenimore gin is a lovingly researched and crafted recipe which includes the usual gin “suspects” like juniper berry and citrus peel but turns the corner with more esoteric botanicals like vanilla, mallow root, eucalyptus and star anise. This unique spirit pleases the traditional gin drinker while making more than a few converts!

Tasting Notes

Brilliant clear color. Delicate, curious, umami aromas and flavors of lemon yogurt, anise, apple strudel, and fish food with a supple, soft, moderately sweet light body and a tingling, momentary straw floor mat, chalk eraser, and pith and bark finish. A sour, lactic and wooly gin with little juniper, citrus or gin character.

Proof 80 (40% ABV)