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ESP NoHo Gin

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ESP NoHo Gin

“We’re willing to bet that most people love gin; they just don’t know it yet,” says Jake Sawabini, founder and master distiller of Empire Spirits Project. With more than a decade of experience in fine dining, including tenure at the iconic WD-50 on Clinton Street in New York City, Sawabini wanted to bring the experimental attitude he learned in the kitchen into the wine and spirits arena. “While I love the classic London Dry Gin, there are probably enough people making it already,” says Sawabini. And so the idea for Empire Spirits Project was born.

Three years and hundreds of recipes later, Sawabini has finally perfected his own, unique breed of gin. Empire Spirits Project’s mission is to show that there can be more to gin than just juniper; Sawabini executes on this idea by pairing different botanicals to create novel flavor profiles in his ESP Gins. 

Tasting Notes

ESP Noho Gin blends exotic botanicals from across the globe — first distilled with juniper, the gin is then infused with copious amounts of saffron. The nose is heady, with sweet spice notes leading to a palate filled with chamomile, pine and citrus. The beautiful finish is accented by orange peel and masala.

Proof 84 (42% ABV)