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Wasmund's Copper Fox Rye Whisky

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Wasmund's Copper Fox Rye Whisky

Copper Fox Rye Whisky is made from a mash of 67% Virginia rye and 33% Thoroughbred barley. Much like the barley used to make Wasmund's Single Malt, the barley used to craft Copper Fox Rye is dried over an apple and cherry wood smoke flame. Once the grains have been milled and mashed, they are fermented using a proprietary strain of yeast and then twice distilled through a single-batch copper-pot still. Following distillation, the whisky is matured in American oak casks.

Tasting Notes

Copper Fox Rye has a copper gold color, along with an aroma of buttered biscuits, rye spices and honeyed oak. Notes of cinnamon, allspice and cloves dominate the palate, and are well-balanced by touches of dried fruits, chestnuts, figs and cola. The finish is long and well-balanced, with notes of rye and caramel complementing each other. 

Proof 90 (45% ABV)