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Compass Box Orangerie Scotch Whisky Infusion

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Compass Box Orangerie Scotch Whisky Infusion

John Glaser pushes the boundaries of innovation to new levels with his art of “whisky-making.” Seemingly uninhibited by the norms of the formidable Scottish whisky industry, Glaser has proven himself a true alchemist. In 2005, his aptitude for wine making prompted a disruptive experimental sensation; The Spice Tree release, a blended whisky made using inner staves, or wooden slats inserted into casks to enhance flavor. Wine- makers use this technique as a more economical way to add oak flavor wine. 

Orangerie was created in the second golden Elizabethan era. Orangeries, or greenhouses used to grow oranges, were very popular between the 17th and 19th centuries, especially in Scotland. But the earliest record of an orangery in Britain was in the late 1500s. Built by Frances Carew, Queen Elizabeth was said to have been the first person to visit there, most likely tasting an orange for the very first time.

In 18th century London, at the height of their popularity, two landmark orangeries were built – Kensington Palace in 1705 and Kew Gardens in 1761. The orangery at Kew Garden served as the inspiration for this Compass Box whisky infused expression. Taking the vibrancy of hand-zested orange peel, the aromatics of Oriental spices, and infusing them into whisky creates a very distinct, yet gastronomically correct result. 

Tasting Notes

Orangerie is crafted from a smooth, sweet Highland single malt and single grain whisky from Fife. This blend is infused with the hand-zested peel of fresh, high quality Navalino oranges, and subtle accents of Indonesia cassia bark and Sri Lankan cloves. Using only fresh zest in the infusion (with no synthetic flavorings or oils), yields an intoxicating plethora of aromas and flavors of vanilla, cassia bark and Christmas spice, offset by oranges. This hallmark Orangerie pairs divinely with dark chocolate. 

Proof 80 (40% ABV)