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Bookers Maw Maw's Batch Bourbon Whiskey

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2015 - 05 MAW MAW’S BATCH


“Maw Maw’s batch was named for my Great Grandmother who played an important role in my dad’s life. The aroma for this batch is rich with hints of vanilla and toasted nuts, and the taste is well balanced with a warmth which moves to a clean, long finish.”

Fred Noe



Booker’s® Bourbon is proud to release the fifth batch in its 2015 limited-edition collection, “Maw Maw’s Batch,” named in honor of one of the most important people in Booker’s life - his grandmother.

After living at Maw Maw’s house in Bardstown, KY during high school, Booker eventually moved next door when he returned from college. It was while living next door that Booker created the iconic recipe that his namesake bourbon is known for today.

Proof: 128