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Bloom Gin

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Bloom Gin

A London Dry Gin, Bloom is triple-distilled from English wheat and infused with three traditional botanicals: Tuscan juniper, Moroccan coriander, and angelica.

It is also enriched by four unique, natural botanicals: honeysuckle, pomelo, cubebs and chamomile. The honeysuckle, which is sourced from China, provides sweet, honey notes to Bloom Gin, and its edible nectar gives the gin an unparalleled smoothness. The citrusy notes come from the essential oils of the pomelo, which help round off the flavor profile of a traditional London Dry Gin. The Indonesian cubebs give the gin slight notes of pepper. Finally, Moore's recipe calls for Roman chamomile sourced from France, which gives Bloom Gin a calming influence and imparts soft, feather-like floral notes.

Unlike many other gins, the floral notes of Bloom are soft and hidden — the honeysuckle and chamomile complement, rather than overpower, the other botanicals. Sublime and smooth, Bloom won the Silver Medal at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Tasting Notes

Soft and gentle nose with hints of honey. Notes of sweet citrus from the pomelo balance nicely against the slight notes of pepper from the cubebs. Smooth finish.

Proof 80 (40% ABV)