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Barrell Straight Bourbon Whiskey Batch 009

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Barrell Straight Bourbon Whiskey Batch 009

Batch 009 is simultaneously their oldest and also lowest proof bourbon. As a result, tropical fruit notes resonate amidst the mellow warmth.  For those in search of full barrel proof flavors without high rick house heat, this is the bourbon for you.  

Tasting Notes

Caramelized plantains in the nose carry molasses and palate drying quince marmalade. Further sips bring surprisingly tropical fruit flavors of toasted coconut and dried mango mingling with luscious marshmallow s’mores, almond butter, and saddle leather. Deep crimson Ranier cherries pervade. The charred grapefruit and warm panela finish make each sip of 009 a vacation. 

Appearance: Broiled apricot orange at the core and resplendent warm gold at the edges.  Sunlight reflecting off of burnished copper flashes across the surface leaving iridescent streaks with each swirl. 

Nose: Slowly roasted exotic fruits like kiwi, coconut, and Satsuma orange swirled with smoked bergamot tea.  Herbed brown butter dripping over toasted brioche and northwest cherry.

Palate: Lively and amusing across the palate, the mellow warmth makes this bourbon easy to enjoy.  Future sips touch all parts of the palate with broad strokes of thick clotted cream.  The glow of the 112.10 proof lurks just out of sight, a welcome but not distracting figure.

Finish: Oven dried stone fruit jam with a hint of citrus oils leads to Caribbean spices.  The multi-minute finish is reminiscent of sweet buttered carnival corn.

Proof 112.10 (56.05% ABV)