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Taconic Founder’s Rye Whiskey

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Taconic Founder’s Rye Whiskey

To maintain an unadulterated flavor of the whiskey, Taconic never chill filters, and distill their whiskeys below 160 proof to retain the flavors from the grains. It is the flavor of the grains that are transferred through the distilling process as fatty molecules or “flavor oils” which results in a “cloudiness” in the whiskey. Those flavors are transferred through the distilling process as fatty molecules (flavor oils). Some distillers will chill filter the fatty molecules and sacrifice a certain amount of flavor for clarity.

Taconic uses distinct Coopers Select, Char #3 new oak barrels made by the Independent Stave Company. Their barrels have a unique maturation process; aged in shipping containers. Less is lost to the angel’s share, due to the saturation of the air inside the containers. Being exposed to great temperature fluctuations, results in greater movement of spirit in and out of the barrel staves. Aging occurs in cycles, during times of increased temperature such as in the summer, the whiskey expands through the char, through to the untreated wood beneath. While in the wood, the whiskey dissolves various flavorful compounds. When temperatures drop, the liquid contracts and brings out all of the flavors of the wood, producing flavors that complement the body of the whiskey.

Named after the US founding fathers, Taconic’s Rye Whiskey is aged in virgin American white oak barrels until golden caramel in color. Rye lovers will appreciate its bold, spicy flavor with a mildly sweet finish. Bottled at 90 proof this homage to the founding fathers is terrific in cocktails and smooth when enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Tasting Notes

Clean and crisp on the nose with notes of vanilla, butterscotch and banana. On the palate are flavors of crisp vanilla, with notes of tall summer grass, caramel, honey and delicate back palate sweetness. The finish is warm, with mildly sweet and spicy notes that linger.

Proof 90 (45% ABV)